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Cosmetics & Herbal News is a monthly trade and industrial magazine, which was launched in the year 2005, from New Delhi, INDIA with a vision to create an easy platform for exploring new business acumen. Cosmetics & Herbal News is the renowned and most popular result oriented magazine, which has always focused as a trade specific and moreover it is the first magazine in India, which we have launched catering to almost all needs of this trade & industry. This magazine differentiates from its competitors as it is a bilingual magazine. Every news, information & article is authentic, maintaining its simplicity is being translated as a bilingual magazine. Our language is our dignity, and keeping this in mind, we make it bilingual. We have huge circulation spread out throughout the country and abroad, which helps readers to understand and reap the real benefit from this magazine.

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Cocktail Creams in Skin Herbal Care: Relevance & Real Scenario Date : 17th August, 2017
  • Skin Care market in cosmetics segments if biggest one not just in India but across the globe. Skin care products rules the market and newer products eyeing consumer’s requirements are being launched every week. Herbal products for skin care in many cases are known to be containing steroids and products are increasing as Steroid Based Creams (SBCs).

  • Now question why? As per dermatologists, steroid based creams are cheaper and manufacturers can control the prices for their products yet effective. SBCs shows faster results than pure herbal ingredients based creams. That is why many of the manufacturers, to make their skin care products more effective and price competitive are using Cocktail Creams i.e. mixture of steroids, antifungal and antibiotic.

  • Steroids are considers to be schedule ‘H’ drug, hence using steroids in skin care creams is required to be prescription based by qualified dermatologists. In beauty salons, mostly the steroid based products are being used, which give them immediate glow, doesn’t matter long-lasting. Consumers get impressed with results and return to the salon again and again, which make them addictive to get instant glowing results. Such salons sometime mislead the consumers by recommending gold facial or diamond facial will be effective for your skin.

  • Plenty of steroid based fairness creams are full of market. But the doctors prescribe steroids for limited period use and based on the specific requirements of consumer. It’s also not for longer use as it may cause damaging of the skin and many other skin related problems fervors around applied skin area.

  • Similarly, in currents practices treatment of fungal infections is also being bigger problems and the reason is uncontrolled and non-prescribed use of topical corticosteroids. It leads to a resistance against antifungal drugs. Since, corticosteroids are easily available and their regulations for contamination are still inefficient, the market is full of such products. Days are not far when corticosteroids in skin health segment will become public health problem.

  • Corticosteroids as anti-fungal and steroids as ingredient for glowing skin, are something like alcohol, once the consumer gets addicted of it, him or her hardly being able to avoid it. Hence it’s the responsibility of the manufacturers to take onus of the limited and prescribed use of steroids.

  • Though, early results of product to consumers, their effectiveness and pricing ultimately are the factors that decide the success of your product, prescribed formulation based on steroids are need of the hour, not just for mid-term and long-term business growth, that will be sustainable approach. You need to avoid ultra-short term approach.

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